2024 Digital Marketing Predictions For Health & Wellness

Anticipated to be a pivotal year for digital marketing, 2024 is set to bring significant changes to the digital landscape. As we embrace the changes that are predicted to shape the online marketplace in 2024, we foresee some challenges the Health & Wellness industry is likely to face in the upcoming year. Here are some of the key challenges we predict the Health & Wellness sector is expected to encounter:

The rise in voice and images search means Health & Wellness brands will need to expand and adapt their content strategy to be compatible with this new way of searching Often falling into the YMYL category, Health & Wellness brands are held to stricter standards on the E-E-A-T guidelines. Changes to the helpful content update, and how it views AI generated content might have a greater impact on the Health & Wellness industry than most. The expansion of social commerce will prove to be a struggle for those brands that do not adopt these practices, as consumers increasingly shop straight from their social media apps – rather than visiting the brands website. That being said, moving into 2024 with a strong marketing strategy that considers these challenges, and takes into account the following predictions, will likely lead to a year in which Health & Wellness brands will continue to thrive!

1. 2024 will revolutionise the way we search “Search has expanded far beyond traditional search engines. More people are using YouTube, voice search, TikTok, image search, etc. as ways of finding information. They can even gather large amounts of data from other social media users with tools like the Instagram question box so you can get recommendations from people that have made similar purchases or experiences. These kinds of ‘real world’ recommendations may be seen as more useful as they come from other users and not a biased brand.” – Sarah Macklin, Click Consult

The shifting search landscape is anticipated to have a profound impact on the Health & Wellness industry. With E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) being vital in the Health & Wellness industry, long-form text-based content, such as reports and research papers, Health & Wellness brands remain important. The rise in voice and image based search, however, should not be undermined – and Health & Wellness brands will need to reconsider their marketing strategy where this is concerned.

Integrating informative and engaging videos on platforms like TikTok is predicted to become essential for disseminating health advice and promoting well-being. Some health professionals have already assumed the role of ‘influencers’ on these platforms, leveraging their expertise to provide professional opinions on trending topics, debunk or confirm myths, and comment on current affairs in the industry.

As a further note, the use of Generative AI as a method of search has the capacity to elevate the personalisation of health recommendations, using real-time data to provide more precise and tailored advice that aligns with users’ specific health needs.

2. Changing consumer preferences will impact brand messaging “Today’s audience, armed with a wealth of information about global cultures and perspectives, seeks brands that align with their ideals and actively contribute to positive change.” – Julie Sowa, Managing Director, Click Consult

For years, the driving force behind consumer purchase decisions lay in weighing up the differences between quality and price; but in 2024, it is predicted that we will see more consumers taking into account factors such as brand values, company position on sustainability, and increased concerns about data privacy before making a purchase.

Within the Health & Wellness industry, companies can adapt to evolving consumer preferences by integrating sustainability into both their products and practices.

Wellness brands can set themselves apart by openly conveying their dedication to environmental responsibility. This may involve incorporating eco-friendly packaging or opting for organic and ethically produced ingredients.

In the year 2024, community engagement will be pivotal for Health & Wellness brands. Collaborations with local health organisations for educational workshops and active involvement in community health initiatives will not only boost brand credibility but also resonate with the values of health-conscious consumers. This, in turn, strengthens relationships with the audience.

3. Social media will become the new PR platform “As we approach 2024, social media is not just a channel for brand visibility, it’s emerging as the new digital PR platform.” – Lara Harding, Senior Content & Social Media Marketing Executive, Click Consult

In 2024, the Health & Wellness industry will witness a transformative shift in the role of social media as a key PR platform, fundamentally altering how brands in this sector navigate their online presence.

Positive user-generated content highlighting impactful health transformations or successful product experiences has the potential to serve as influential marketing material. Conversely, negative content addressing concerns or issues related to health products could gain rapid traction.

To effectively manage this dynamic landscape, brands need to formulate digital PR strategies that enable swift responses to both positive and negative content. Emphasising transparency, showcasing the resilience of products or services, and prioritising customer care are essential elements to maintain trust and uphold a positive reputation.

4. Paid Media channels will continue to expand “I predict that we will see a continued rise of ‘new’ paid media channels. TikTok will continue to grow in popularity and available volume – but we are also expecting (hoping) the advertising interface to take on a step or two allowing for even more tactical targeting on the platform.” – Will Dixon, Head of Paid Media – Click Consult

Following the success of Netflix’s ad-supported tier, causing other similar platforms to follow suit in 2024, the continued popularity of video-first social media platforms, and the rise of Connected TV (CTV) – the platforms available for paid media are only going to grow in the New Year.

Health & Wellness brands have the opportunity to use ad-supported tiers on streaming platforms or CTV ads for the delivery of personalised campaigns. This involves strategically placing ads during programs that align with the target audience, enhancing visibility among viewers interested in your products or services.

Additionally, CTV can be harnessed for the creation of tailored fitness programming or sponsored content on fitness-related channels. By offering workout routines, nutrition tips, or wellness advice that align with the interests of the CTV audience, brands can elevate their presence within the health and wellness community.
Furthermore, capitalising on the surging popularity of TikTok, Health & Wellness brands can engage in collaborations with influencers to craft compelling and shareable content. Through influencer marketing, they can effectively showcase the benefits of health and wellness products or services in a format that resonates with TikTok’s audience, thereby fostering brand awareness and attracting a diverse demographic.

5. AI will redefine digital marketing “AI-driven Augmented Reality will transform how brands engage with audiences… with its ability to merge digital and real-life experiences we will see an unprecedented level of customer engagement.” – Sarah Boyd, Content Marketing Manager, Click Consult

The Health & Wellness sector often falls within the Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) category online due to the potential real-world impact of the information they share. Consequently, Health & Wellness brands are held to a higher standard when evaluated for E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines. This increased scrutiny is expected to shape the content produced by Health & Wellness brands in 2024. It is crucial for Health & Wellness brands to consider this, especially when incorporating AI-generated content into your content marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

The incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) into Health & Wellness digital marketing in 2024 introduces exciting possibilities for creating immersive, interactive, and personalised experiences that can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Brands can harness AR to develop content that educates consumers on various health topics. For instance, an AR app could overlay information about the benefits of different yoga poses when users scan a yoga mat, providing a more interactive approach to learning about wellness. Additionally, Health & Wellness brands can leverage AR to offer users immersive and interactive fitness experiences. This may involve engaging in virtual workouts with trainers, thus creating a more personalised and captivating fitness routine. Another application could simulate outdoor running environments, enabling users to virtually run through scenic landscapes while exercising on a treadmill.

6. Social Commerce will be the new way to shop in 2024 “Social commerce is stepping up big time. We’re not just talking platforms anymore; it’s about turning everything into a shopping opportunity. It’s this whole blend of content and commerce, making it feel like you’re not even shopping—just living an experience. It’s not just clicks; it’s a whole new way businesses are getting us to buy without even feeling like we’re buying”. – Andrew Smith, Marketing Director, Click Consult

In 2024, Health & Wellness brands need to ensure that their products are listed on social media sites through their social commerce platforms (i.e. TikTok shop) in order to keep up with the competition. The interactive nature of social media platforms nurtures a direct and engaging relationship between consumers and health-oriented brands, opening up avenues for immediate purchase or further exploration of recommended services.

The potential for shoppable TV in the New Year will also introduce an innovative avenue for the promotion of health-related services and products. This new and upcoming platform can facilitate interactive fitness sessions but also serves as a channel for educational segments focusing on holistic wellness. Health & Wellness brands can harness the potential of Shoppable TV to provide expert guidance and vividly showcase their products in practical, real-world scenarios.

7. Video content will continue to dominate “There’s likely to be more of a shift towards video content by advertisers. User behaviour has been moving towards video for a while, and now with Google launching Demand Gen to compete with the more visual social channels, there’s more opportunity to target users through video. Despite this, video creation is still something a lot of businesses struggle with, making it a big opportunity for those that do create high-quality video ads.” – Tom Reynolds, Senior Paid Media Executive at Click Consult

The Health & Wellness sector can effectively leverage the power of short-form videos in 2024 to provide concise yet impactful content, offering engaging content such as:

Quick workout tutorials Insightful wellness tips Engaging product demonstrations By harnessing the dynamic nature of short-form videos, the industry can cater to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern audiences, delivering valuable information in a visually compelling and easily digestible format.

Live streaming, another powerful tool within this digital landscape, can elevate the interactive experience for consumers. Health & Wellness professionals can conduct live sessions to share in-the-moment expertise, facilitate interactive Q&A sessions, or even arrange virtual wellness retreats. These live interactions create a sense of immediacy and authenticity, providing deeper connections between experts and health-conscious individuals seeking personalised guidance.

Summary & final remarks The marketing landscape of 2024 is set to undergo a transformation, driven by several key trends in technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviours. Harnessing the potential of these trends is not just a matter of survival, it is an opportunity for Health & Wellness brands to thrive and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

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