ChatGPT Is Poised To Have A Video Feature

Plus, expect GPT-5 sometime this year too.

A brand new world for ChatGPT. Credit: Zain bin Awais / Mashable

As if artificial intelligence wasn’t already scary enough, ChatGPT will get video capabilities. This comes directly from recently reinstated OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who spoke with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on his Unconfuse Me podcast.

This nightmare blunt rotation of tech overlords sat down on the pod to discuss the future of ChatGPT and the upcoming update, GPT-5. Altman says that this new generation of the lauded language model that powers ChatGPT will be “fully multimodal with speech, image, code, and video support.”

The most interesting bit of news from this podcast is the aforementioned video capabilities, on top of the GPT-5 release confirmation. The current version of ChatGPT already supports image and audio but with video, the breadth of what generative AI can do will massively expand.

The potential use cases for an AI system like ChatGPT that can perform video analysis could lead to more reliability, and create a contextually aware chatbot, but applications for this new version could also be rife with misuse — especially in terms of privacy, which OpenAI has not had a great track record in. A lawsuit filed in June claims that OpenAI’s models were trained with “stolen” data.

When is GPT-5 coming outUsers can expect GPT-5 to drop sometime this year, according to Altman.

Altman has made it clear that he hopes to push ChatGPT’s capabilities further and further. The dizzying speed of these developments was rumored to be part of the reason Altman was briefly ousted as CEO by the nonprofit board of directors at OpenAI amid concerns about the ethical dilemmas and potential far-reaching implications of these technologies.

Microsoft, the company that generated Gates’ enormous fortune, has invested billions into OpenAI, integrating its models into its Copilot product, which offers a hint as to why Altman may have chosen this podcast as a place to break news. Altman said during his sit-down with Gates that as of right now, the current interactions of ChatGPT “is the stupidest these models will ever be.” The goal with GPT-5 then, Altman elaborated, is that this new model will be able to reason better and be more reliable — particularly in light of the application’s famous “hallucinations,” in which the chatbot confidently blurts out untrue statements. Altman wants this more accurate ChatGPT, then, to know everything about you and your data — to a degree that sounds eerily personal.

“People want very different things out of GPT-4,” Altman said on the podcast. “We’ll make all that possible, and then also the ability to have it use your own data.”

He added that a crucial part of the development of his company’s products will be the ability to deeply understand personal details — things like emails and calendars, as well as further connection to “outside data sources” so that ChatGPT gets the full scope of you.

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