7 WooCommerce Plugins To Increase Your Store Sales

Trying to find the best WooCommerce plugins to increase your store sales?

We all know WordPress is a great platform for building small to large-sized online merchants using the eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce.

However, WooCommerce itself is not able to provide the significant features that you may need to improve your eCommerce store’s shopping experience.

That is where the role of WooCommerce plugins and extensions comes into play!

The good news is that there are over 6000 WooCommerce plugins available in the WordPress plugins repository. Nevertheless, there is one slight problem, how would you know which plugins to add to your list in order to maximize your business’s potential?

What to consider when looking for the best WooCommerce plugins?

Ask yourself the following questions:

What is the purpose of your website?Find out the features that are missing from your WooCommerce store.Does your plugin work with WordPress themes? Keeping such questions in mind, we have handpicked the 7 best freemium and premium WooCommerce plugins that are must-haves for any eCommerce store and will keep your website’s sales going strong in 2022.

Ready? Let’s get straight to the list.

Top 7 WooCommerce plugins for your eCommerce store 1 ) Mighty Frequently Bought Together Plugin

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site 2) Mighty Review for Discount Plugin

3 ) Mighty Pre-Order Plugin

4) WooCommerce Currency Switcher

5) OptinMonster

6) YITH WooCommerce Compare

7) TI WooCommerce Wishlist

1. Mighty Frequently Bought Together Plugin Sales ∝ Right Product Recommendations

There is no denying that a successful marketing strategy leads to fruitful results. Making the appropriate kind of product recommendations to potential clients has shown to be a tremendously effective sales strategy.

And Mighty Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce can help you with that!

Let us explain how.

Nowadays, whenever a customer visits a website, many unrelated ads or offers pop up on the product’s page, which not only annoys the user but also deteriorates the whole purchasing experience. It might even result in landing zero products in their cart.

The Mighty FBT plugin has taken care of all these measures and provides you with the best product-related recommendations that not just help the customer in saving time and money but also lead to an increase in the overall sales of your store.

Free version: The frequently bought together items section is customizable. Along with button color or button text and button hover color or button hover text, it also includes box title, box location (behind product summary/product tabs), and box size.There is only one layout available.You have the option of similar products being displayed in product suggestions or not. Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: Use related, tailored, or upsell products to make excellent product recommendationsSelect the items you would like to showcaseCustomize every aspect of the FBT box section, with the exception of button color and text, including box location, picture size, prices for single and multiple goods, and labeling for single and multiple itemsMake a list of the related products and modify them all at onceSet profitable discounts to attract buyers’ attentionThere are several available layoutsOn the product page, choose or deselect the FBT products We are confident that by selecting the Mighty FBT WC plugin, you are making the proper decision.

Pricing The plugin is available in the following plans:

Free – $0.00Single Site (yearly) – $29Unlimited Sites (yearly) – $69Single Site (lifetime) – $89Unlimited sites (lifetime) – $149  2. Mighty Review for Discount Plugin Sales ∝ Great Discounts

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site It’s critical to understand what actually drives your consumers to invest time and resources in running a successful online business. You will find your solution in the most unexpected manner if you attempt to throw yourself in the customer’s position. Did you discover it? Yes, and the solution is large discounts.

Marketers have used a variety of techniques to engage audiences for a while, but nothing compares to the effectiveness of giving them substantial discounts. You can get assistance with that from Mighty WC Review for Discount Plugin.

It is a potent WooCommerce plugin that grants clients fantastic discounts in exchange for candid product reviews. 

An effective tactic that greatly benefits you is this one:

boosts audience involvementBring in more visitors to your websiteFostering confidence in your goodsMonetize product There are elements in the Review for Discount that can increase your sales. It includes the ability to review discounts for one or more products, system-generated email reminders for reviews, the ability to set a fixed discount type, the ability to include or exclude a list of products or categories, an amount to spend value, and an expiration date.

Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: Offer fantastic incentives to encourage your consumers to post product reviewsTo use the discount coupons, you must set a “min or max amount to spend value”Send personalized review reminder emails to consumers and encourage them to leave reviews to qualify for the discountList the goods or product categories you want your discount to be applied to or not applied to in the inclusion/exclusion sectionSelect a trigger event – a single review or a number of reviews – to give users couponsAll of the coupon discounts can be edited, deleted, and managed in one spot Pricing The plugin is available in the following plans:

Free – $0.00Single Site (yearly) – $29Unlimited Sites (yearly) – $69Single Site (lifetime) – $89Unlimited sites (lifetime) – $149  3. Mighty Pre-Order Plugin Sales ∝ Pre-order Booking

Imagine if you could let WooCommerce consumers place a pre-order for your products. That is correct, I agree!

With the WC Pre-order plugin, you can improve sales and revenue by making your buyers happier by enabling them to make purchases before the product is published or when it’s temporarily unavailable.

The plugin is brimming with features that let you customize products, create pre-orders, send pre-order reminder emails, accept limited payments for the product, show a timer to the product release, view a catalog of all products in one place, set a country-specific timezone specifically for each customer, and more.

With this WC Pre-Order plugin installed, you may direct visitors to your website rather than other websites, increasing conversion rates.

Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: Pre-orders are permitted on your websiteMake sales by producing persuasive, personalized communicationsPre-ordered goods have an integrated payment system. Customers have the option of paying totally or partiallyCustomers who have previously placed orders from you will receive automatic emails reminding them to do soAdminister pre-order items from one page, saving time and assisting in process efficiencyPre-order items can be found alongside regular products. No muddle!You can specify original and discounted prices throughout the pre-order procedure Pricing The plugin is only available in the pro version with the following plans:

Single Site (yearly) – $29Unlimited Sites (yearly) – $69Single Site (lifetime) – $89Unlimited sites (lifetime) – $149  4. WooCommerce Currency Switcher Grow your business internationally!

If you want to grow your eCommerce company internationally, this plugin is a requirement for your store. You may add as many currencies as you like with the Currency Switcher extension, allowing your consumers to see the actual price of the goods in their own currencies in real time. This way you can get rid of any issues and confusion that clients can have using this.

Moreover, WOOCS enables the addition of any currency, including virtual and nonexistent currencies, to WooCommerce stores. The best solution for building a powerful WC shopping site with many currencies.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site Free Version: Use a range of techniques, including flag graphics, drop-down menus, buttons, and more, to design a sleek and appealing currency swap optionThe exchange rates can be modified manually or automaticallyThere are four formats for setting pricesObtain information about currency switching data, including the date and country’s currencyOn the checkout page, select whether to show or hide the payment gatewaysIn each currency, provide the minimum cart value for shipping and the minimum cart value for free deliveryCompatible with the plugin for website caching Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: You can use this plugin both as a widget and in the form of a shortcodeComes with multiple designing options such as drow down, side switch, and setting a flag for each currencyCustomers can check out the products in their own currencyEach currency format can be fully customizedAssemble data on currency conversions for commercial use. Only the currency, country, and switching time are collected from clients; no private information isIn case your site uses any cache plugin, it is highly compatible with that too Pricing Available in paid version with features available for $34 semi-annually.

5. OptinMonster All in one!

Another top choice in our selection is OptinMonster, a potent plugin that may help you increase the size of your email list, produce more leads, and improve the traffic to your website.

It offers a lot of strong features, like Exit-intent, which prevents visitors from leaving your website by presenting an interesting campaign pop-up, encouraging them to stay a little while longer. 

Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: Create eye-appealing offers by beginning from start with the drag and drop editor or by using pre-designed themesAutomate the procedure for sending the appropriate recommendations to the appropriate recipientsYou can create effective strategy strategies with the use of current factsEasy to set up and operateChoose from a range of designs, such as full-screen overlays, floating bars, and more Pricing Available only in paid version, with monthly fees starting at $9.

6. YITH WooCommerce Compare Sales ∝ Offer best-compared prices!

Having a positive customer experience increases your store’s chances of improving sales. And you can accomplish it with the use of YITH WC Compare, another potent extension that enables your customers to compare items based on features, cost, and quality.

When customers have too many options and cannot locate one well-informed option, they may give up on a product. With the help of this plugin, your users will be able to quickly and easily compare the products you have in your store, analyze their core aspects in a single table, and determine which option is best for them without having to go through each individual product page in search of the details they need.

Overall, reduces the risk of cart abandonment and enables your users to make educated selections. 

Free Version: In the product setup, set each feature of the productattractive aesthetic alternatives to increase client interest in product comparisonUtilize a separate widget to manage all the products that users have listedThe interface is simple to use and user-friendly Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: You can compare the products by categoryExclude the specific categories if you don’t want to list them in the comparison table listGrab more attention by sharing a comparison list on major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and moreSet the minimum number of products in the comparison tableFlexibility to only allow certain product categories to use certain plugin functionalitiesShow all the products in a slider that shares a tag or category with the items in the comparison tableShortcode and widget to display the number of products that have been placed on the comparison table Pricing: You can avail of its premium features at $69.99 annually.

7. TI WooCommerce Wishlist Learn what your customers wish!

WooCommerce Wishlist by Template Invaders is a potent plugin that allows you to easily turn regular website visitors into devoted clients. There are times when customers may find themselves unable to purchase a product right now or just choosing not to. Your clients are more likely to make later purchases if you let them wishlist those things.

Visitors can easily and efficiently add products to their wishlists with the TI WC Wishlist plugin, which may persuade buyers to include more items on their subsequent shopping lists than they had originally intended. The plugin comes with a wealth of powerful features, such as the ability for users to share their wishlist and allow natural traffic flow to your website or full customization. 

Overall, this is a wonderful plugin for a growing number of site visitors, conversion, and ultimately purchases.

Free Version: Easy to set up and fully customizableChoose the wishlist page and the name (only one)Compatible with nearly all widely used pluginsAfter adding goods to the wishlist, return to the wishlist pageUser-friendly and design responsiveProduct variations and WPML support Interested in knowing more of its premium features? Here is a brief of them: Show Guest Login Notice on Wishlist PagePermit Direct Login On Wishlist PageUsers Can Manage Wishlists With Unlimited WishlistsPermit users to customize each wishlist’s visibility settingsAllow users to alter the number of products in the wishlist table Quick Links/ButtonsAllow customers to move items directly from the wishlist page to other wishlistsHaving integrated analytics gives you a complete understanding of product popularity and build your sales strategy accordinglySend promotional emails Pricing: The plugin is available in the following plans:

Free – $0.00Single Site (yearly) – $79Single Site (lifetime) – $199Up to 5 Sites (yearly) – $99Up to 5 Sites (lifetime) – $249Up to 30 Sites (yearly) – $199 Up to 30 Sites (lifetime) – $499  Bottom Line We are aware that building an online store is a continuous effort that demands your sweat, blood, and tears. Different marketing techniques can aid you in easing your trip in the realm of e-commerce. And these plugins can help you put those strategies into practice.

Furthermore, if you’re still unsure about which plugin to choose, let me assure you that while each one has a unique set of features, they all have one thing in common: they all work to boost the sales of your store.

So, to help you with your question, you can choose any of the aforementioned plugins for your store, if you are looking for:

Right product recommendation plugin – Frequently Bought TogetherDisplaying products in their native language to the customers – WC Currency SwitcherDon’t want to miss any potential sale – Mighty Pre-orderOffer discount coupons – Review for Discount Organically increase your store reach in Google SERPs – OptinMonsterProvide the best-compared prices – WooCommerce CompareWishlisting the products – TI WooCommerce Wishlist And that’s it! We hope you liked our recommendations! We sincerely hope that our suggestions will help your store’s sales soar, and we would be grateful if they do.

If you still have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section below. We are here to help you.

Naveen Kumar is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He is working with JoomDev, a leading web and mobile app development company. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing WordPress plugins such as Woocommerce preorders.