Google Ads Lets You Test With More Ease And Confidence Thanks To Their New Experiments Page

January 28, 2022

Anyone that runs Google Ads will tell you that experiments are an excellent way to help you understand the impact of any changes you make and improve your campaign performance. Unfortunately, experiments have historically been a bit confusing to set up, requiring a campaign draft that is then tested separately in an experiment.

Now, thanks to the new Experiments page, you can select a campaign and create a custom experiment for it in one easy step! This page will allow you to create, manage and optimise all your experiments in one easy to find location.

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Screenshot taken from Google Support website, January 2022

The new experiments page will allow you to avoid any implementation issues and makes it easier for you to see the expected increase from your experiment results. Once you’ve run your experiment, if you like the findings, you can apply them to your live campaign with one click!

Screenshot taken from Google Support website, January 2022

Syncing has been improved

To further add to the newly found ease with which you can run experiments, Google are also rolling out a new way to sync your experiments with their corresponding campaigns. Previously, keeping your experiments up to date meant manually copying all the changes from your original campaigns. Thankfully, Google realised this is both time consuming and difficult, especially with multiple experiments!

Screenshot taken from Google Support website, January 2022

The new syncing update means Google will update your experiment with any changes you make to your original campaigns. Sync will be turned on by default whenever you create a new campaign, so it’s not something you will have to worry about!

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