Save 50% On A Travel-Ready Sewing Machine

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TL;DR: Get the Handy Dandy Portable Sewing Machine(Opens in a new tab) for just $29.95 instead of $59 as of March 20. That’s a 50% discount for a limited time.

Instead of bringing all your sewing jobs back to the table for a lengthy fix, you may be able to mend them on the spot. You don’t have to take down your curtains because your cat popped a seam while doing some household spelunking. Instead, grab your portable sewing machine and bring the solution to the problem. The Handy Dandy Portable Sewing Machine by Electronic Avenue is exactly what it sounds like. This compact sewing machine lets you mend rips and fix hems(Opens in a new tab) on the fly, and it’s only $29.95 (reg. $59). 

Sew you want to get crafty on the go Ripped your pants? Grab some AA batteries and start sewing. This portable sewing machine(Opens in a new tab) is totally cordless and only requires four batteries to operate. The manufacturer claims it’s suitable for all types of fabrics, so you can mend torn denim and hem pants on the fly. Bring your little sewing wonder camping with you in case an outdoor adventure leaves your pants with an extra window. 

If you want to DIY your clothing alterations, you might not need a big expensive sewing machine. This portable device even comes with a basic thread starter kit that includes multiple colors along with some little essentials like thread shears and a flexible tape measure. 

The Handy Dandy Portable Sewing Machine may be small, but it packs a lot of power in a frame you may be able to use one-handed. The high-intensity metal gear is ready for some high-volume work without much noise. A tear in your favorite scarf is just a chance for another fix on the fly.

Bring your sewing machine anywhereWhether your pants need emergency hemming or there’s a household fix that can’t make it to your full-sized sewing machine, you may be able to get a quick fix from a battery-operated handheld sewing machine. 

The Handy Dandy Portable Sewing Machine(Opens in a new tab) is lightweight, quick, quiet, and super versatile. Don’t waste time hemming and hawing when you can start hemming and mending when you get this little sewing machine on sale for $29.95 (reg. $59). 

Prices subject to change.