Dianna Agron Goes To A Freaky Fertility Clinic In ‘Clock’ Trailer

“The family is everything.”

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Hulu’s upcoming horror flick Clock follows Ella (Dianna Agron), a woman who doesn’t want kids but who feels societal pressure to do so. Worried that her biological clock is somehow broken, she decides to participate in a clinical trial led by Dr. Elizabeth Simmons (Melora Hardin). Some talk of a synthetic hormone, cognitive behavioral therapy, and an implant ensues, and before long it looks like we’re off to the races for medical horror.

Ella experiences frightening visions, like a slack-jawed apparition outside her car or tarantulas crawling over a pregnant belly. Coupled with distorted assertions that the family is everything and that women’s primary purpose is to procreate, and you’re looking at a ticking time bomb of fright.

Clock hits Hulu Apr. 28.(Opens in a new tab)

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