Trump Covers Ice Spice’s “Boy Is A Liar Pt. 2” In SNL’s Cold Open

SNL’s cold open had former President Donald Trump’s hawking a covers album, That’s What I Call My Legal Defense Fund AKA Trump Bopz.

This week’s Saturday Night Live hosted by Quinta Brunson addressed Trump’s indictment. James Austin Johnson reprised his excellent Trump impression announcing, “Frankly, it’s time that I come clean, admit that I broke the law, and go quietly to prison. April Fools!” Then SNL played with Trump and the J6 Choir’s bizarre song “Justice For All”(Opens in a new tab) with Johnson’s Trump jumping into some promo for his album. What’s on the album? “Just 30 classic covers. All horrible.”

Kenan Thompson and Devon Walker join Johnson as Don King and Afroman, respectively, to perform truly awful renditions of “Island in the Stream” and “Because I Got High.”

The offbeat open closes with an appearance by Mikey Day as Donald Trump Jr. who Johnson’s Trump hilariously refers to as “my Kendall Roy.” The cursed duo breaks out into Ice Spice and PinkPantheress’s hit song “Boy is a liar Pt. 2.” And the boy is a liar!