Vision Pro, IOS 17, 15″ MacBook Air: Everything You Need To Know From Apple WWDC 2023

Pretty much every single Apple product received an update at WWDC 2023. Plus, there was even an all new product line announced as well. Credit: Mashable screenshot

Well, that was certainly a lot of Apple news to take in. 

This year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) came and went, but not before Apple dropped a slew of upgrades, updates, new features, and entirely new products on us. The whole event clocked in at over two hours in length and the Apple team never let up on the stream of news.

But don’t feel overwhelmed. Mashable is here to break down exactly what the biggest takeaways from the event are. 

Vision Pro: Apple’s headset is real and…expensiveLet’s start with the obvious: The Apple Vision Pro.

Apple finally announced its virtual reality slash augmented reality slash mixed reality headset. A VR or AR product from Apple has been rumored for years and word had been spreading that WWDC 2023 was where it would finally make its debut. Apple delivered the news at the very end of the event, as its now-infamous “one more thing” announcement.

Three, four, nine, nine. Credit: Mashable screenshot

The first thing you should know about Vision Pro is the price. It’s expensive. When Vision Pro becomes available early next year, it will cost $3,499. That puts it out of the reach of affordability for a large swath of Apple customers. 

But as for what Vision Pro actually is, it looks like Apple is aiming to provide an entire Mac in a wearable headset. The company is describing it as a “spatial computer(opens in a new tab)” because the headset screen is see-through. When a user puts on the headset, they can actually still see their surroundings. The apps and windows appear visually within the space that the user is already occupying. From there, they can open applications to view new visual worlds…or just open up a Word document.

Credit: Mashable screenshot

There were some interesting positives, like an early partnership with Disney to bring Disney+ experiences to Vision Pro. And there were some real negatives — like, well, the price, and a two-hour battery life.

Meta hasn’t been too successful with its Metaverse hopes and dreams, but Mark Zuckerberg also doesn’t have the experience in building successful physical products like Apple. Let’s see if Tim Cook can pull it off.

New MacsFollowing an entirely brand new product line for Apple with the Vision Pro, the company had some news to break about its existing ones, namely Macs.