A Lifetime Subscription To This Intuitive Writing App Is On Sale For 50% Off

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Scrivener 3 is on sale for £24.14, saving you 50% on list price.

Writing is tough. Whether you’re a famous author, a lawyer working on a closing argument, or a student writing your first research paper, if you’re struggling through a draft, you may want to try a new approach. Scrivener 3 is a writing platform that also gives you a lot of organisational tools to help you break your project into manageable parts, and a lifetime subscription is only £24.14. That’s the best price online. 

There’s all kinds of writing, and there are all kinds of writers. If you need a distraction-free workspace, use Scrivener’s full-screen mode so there’s nothing to see but your work. Need to see the big picture? Try the corkboard and see all the different sections of your project from above. And if you move any of the virtual index cards, that part of your project will actually move. Move the paragraphs in a long-form essay in an instant or switch the chapters in a story. Everything you write also gets put onto an interactive project outline so you can plan every stage and see your words come to life.

You don’t have to be a famous author to use Scrivener, but many of them do, and it’s not hard to see why. Scrivener helps streamline the writing process. Even research may be a little easier when you can just attach relevant sources to each section of your outline. No more separate spreadsheets and documents with all your notes.

Once the draft is complete, you can use Scrivener to compile everything into a single document. Or you can share it using different formatting in case you prefer writing in one font but need to submit in another.

Looking for writing software that helps you stay focused and get organised? Try Scrivener 3 for Mac or Windows while you can get a lifetime subscription for only £24.14 for a limited time.