When Is The Next Prime Day In 2023? What We Know So Far

Prime Day will be here again soon. (We think.) Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images

UPDATE: 5:53 PM ET | July 13, 2023

Apple MacBook Air (Apple M1, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)(opens in a new tab) — $749.99 $999 (save $249.01)

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Prime Day robot vacuum deals still live:

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Prime Day is in the rear view — it wrapped up on Wednesday — but there may be another one soon enough.

Last year, Amazon held its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale, which was effectively a second Prime Day sale. In 2022, that Prime sale went from 3 a.m. ET on Oct. 11 through midnight on Oct. 12.

Now we do not yet have confirmation that Amazon will have another Early Access Sale this year. But should Amazon decide to have another Early Access Sale — and there’s no reason to think it won’t — you can be pretty sure it’ll take place around the same time in October. Basically, the second Prime Day event served as a preview to Black Friday deals, which means it would almost have to take place at the same time in the calendar.

If, for some reason, Amazon decides to skip the Early Access Sale this year, then you’ll probably have to wait until Summer 2024 for the next Prime Day. Over the last few years, Prime Day has fallen in June or July.

If you missed out on the latest Prime Day, fear not, because retailers likes Walmart and Target have started their own sales to rival Prime Day. And those deals are still for the taking.

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