How The Internet Paid Tribute To Jimmy Buffett

Today we are all parrotheads.

Capping off Mashable’s Jimmy Buffett Summer with the worst possible news, the legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett passed away Saturday. The progenitor of his own brand of Caribbean-tinged escapism enjoyed a career that carried him from the life of a street performer in the 1960s to national treasure status — and quite possibly a ten-figure net worth — in the 2020s. His signature song, “Margaritaville,” is a ubiquitous earworm, a chain of restaurants and resorts, and a lifestyle unto itself.

But despite a consistent frankness about mortality in his lyrics, Buffett was never one to dwell on the morbid, and it’s safe to say that rather than grieve, “Bubba” — as his friends and family called him — would have wanted us all to pour some tequila, and toast to the adventure his life was.

And that’s just what the internet has been doing all Sunday.

Here’s a round-up of tributes from celebrities and fans alike.

CBS Sunday Morning put Jimmy’s life in context.The chillest news show on network TV posted a segment from 2020 in which Buffett reflected on his life, and even ruminated a bit about death.

Tweet may have been deleted X user @latashaellis recalled an amazing nautical encounter. Tweet may have been deleted A WWE fan account remembered a beautiful, Buffett-inspired moment.Buffett wasn’t there in the ring when The Rock and Stone Cold sang his song, but it’s fitting that he would inspire a rare moment of camaraderie in the ring.

Tweet may have been deleted User @LazlosGhost recalled Jimmy’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg.Hunt down and watch The Beach Bum if you can. This moment alone makes it worth your while.

Tweet may have been deleted A Muppets fan account brought back Jimmy’s 1998 collaboration with Kermit the Frog. Tweet may have been deleted User @MarlowNYC remembered Jimmy’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Jurassic World.Thanks to Jimmy’s efforts, the twin margaritas survived the grisly pterodactyl onslaught.

Tweet may have been deleted A tribute came in from a former president. Tweet may have been deleted User @brandonwenerd posted a poignant book excerpt. Tweet may have been deleted …and Mashable’s parrothead-in-chief summed it all up. Tweet may have been deleted