Audio Erotica App Bloom Debuts AI Roleplay Chatbots

You can now “interact” with characters from sexy Bloom stories.

Bloom Chat allows you to have X-rated conversations with Bloom characters. Credit: Screenshot: Bloom

Audio erotica platform Bloom launches its AI-powered “roleplaying” chatbots today. Now, users can “interact” with characters from steamy stories, from a ranch hand to a dominatrix, with Bloom Chat. Unlike other bots like ChatGPT that prohibit sexual conversation, Bloom’s chatbots encourages it, and will get as X-rated as you’d like.

Formerly Audiodesires, Bloom launched in 2020 and now has a library of over 800 original stories in English, Spanish, and German, and boasts 500,000 users. On the app, you can enjoy scripted erotic stories featuring one or more voice actors; guided solo play and partner play tracks; affirmations; and sleep stories.

Now, with AI, users can chat with a range of characters via personalized text messages and voice notes using the characters’ original voices. Bloom Chat is available for free users to enjoy endless text messages. Premium Bloom members receive 15 complimentary voice messages a month; additional voice messages can be purchased within the app.

Mashable got a sneak peek of Bloom Chat, and found that it was a seamless and sexy experience, weaving between enthusiastic text messages and erotic voice notes. The latter sounded like real voices, not AI uncanny valley sounds like you may experience elsewhere. And, unsurprisingly, the bots are focused on your pleasure — no selfish lovers here.

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