Watch Nathan Lane Sing About His ‘Gay Old Life’ In ‘Dicks: The Musical’

A24 has released an official lyric video “Gay Old Time,” an irreverent musical number from upcoming comedy Dicks: The Musical. It reveals absolutely nothing about the film’s plot, but an awful lot about what Nathan Lane’s character thinks is normal queer behaviour.

Dicks: The Musical is about a pair of womanising identical twins (non-identical non-twins Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson), who were separated as children. Finding each other as adults, they hatch a plan to swap places in order to reunite their divorced parents (Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally). It’s basically a ridiculously camp The Parent Trap parody that satirises queer culture. If that doesn’t sound amazing, then this film isn’t for you.

“Gay Old Time” offers a glimpse at what you can expect from Dicks, with Lane singing about going to brunch, visiting the symphony, and catching a pair of mind-reading, blood-drinking Sewer Boys to keep him company.

Dicks: The Musical arrives in theatres Oct. 6.

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