Using Social Media To Encourage Mental Wellness During The Festive Period

The festive period is a joyful time for most – filled with familial and friendly gatherings, the sharing of thoughtful gifts, and lots of merry feasting and drinking! While many actively look forward to this season of festivities, there are some who find that this time of year causes a dip in their mental wellness due to increasing financial struggles, heightened stress levels, or lingering feelings of loneliness.

Social media is a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes – one of which being the encouragement of mental wellness. A range of social media marketing tactics can be employed to put a compelling incitement behind this message, and increase the likelihood that these messages of positive mental wellness reach a wide audience.

A variety of the following tactics can be incorporated into your social media plan over coming weeks to encourage your audience to engage in mental wellness during the holiday period.

Short informative videos Video is rapidly becoming the most popular way for people to digest information; it is because of this that video-based platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have thrived in the digital landscape.

Creating short informative videos that advise your audience on simple ways in which they can nurture their mental wellness from home is a great way to increase the likelihood that your message will reach a wide audience. Other similar videos could include ways in which you are encouraging mental wellness in the workplace or at home.

Wellness challenges & user-generated content Create a wellness challenge over a set number of days, and encourage your audience to take part and share their progress with a designated #hashtag. As an optional addition to this, you could include an incentive to take part – either offering one of your products or services for free – or even an unrelated prize associated with wellness, such as a trip to the spa or a self-care package.

Examples of the challenges you can set your audience include:

Go outside for a walk today Try and do 10k steps Write down 3 things that made you smile today This user generated content can then be re-shared on your social channels to establish a sense of community, and to encourage others in your audience to also take part.

Using #hashtags to share wellness in the workplace tips Sharing insights on promoting employee wellbeing can be a powerful and inclusive approach for encouraging mental wellness during the festive season. Incorporating this with popular #hashtags such as #TipTuesday or #WellnessWednesday can help you reach a wider audience, to spread your messages of mental wellness further. Ways in which you can do this include:

Using social channels to actively promote the proactive steps your company is taking to encourage employee wellness initiatives within your workplace Share success stories, anecdotes, and testimonials from staff members who have found effective ways to prioritise mental health during the holidays Encourage open conversations about how individuals within your organisation personally champion their well-being and share their advice This humanises the workplace and creates a supportive community where both employees and your social media audience can feel empowered to exchange valuable tips and strategies for navigating the holiday season with a focus on mental wellness.

Partner with influencers Someone who wields substantial influence online, capable of persuading followers to make certain decisions or act in certain ways, is commonly referred to as an ‘influencer.’ Using these individuals for promotional purposes is termed ‘influencer marketing’, a practice gaining widespread popularity across various industries.

Partnering with influencers during the festive period who align with your brand’s values can significantly amplify the impact of your mental wellness messages. Invite them to contribute to the conversation by sharing their own practices and offering advice for navigating the holiday season with a focus on self-care. Their authentic voices can add a relatable and human touch to the discussion, making the pursuit of mental wellness more accessible and engaging for your audience.

A happier, healthier festive season with Social Media As we approach the festive period, it is important to keep in mind those that are likely to struggle with their mental wellness during this time. Using the power of social media marketing tactics we can pave the way for a happier, healthier festive season, and extend the holiday spirit into the hearts of our audience. By leveraging these strategies, we cultivate a supportive community committed to making every season one of joy, resilience, and mental wellness.