I’ve Used IPhone 15 Pro Max For 2 Months: 5 Game-Changing Features For Work

iOS 17 deserves a shout, too.

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max was plagued with explosive reports about overheating issues and other foibles, but with a few software fixes, the Apple handset emerged from the rubble unscathed. After using Apple’s priciest smartphone for two months, I personally haven’t experienced any of the aforementioned flaws.

In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is so good, I’d argue that it may lure the most devoted Android fans into the Apple ecosystem. And this is coming from someone who also owns a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — and loves it dearly.

Check out the five features that were game changers for me, particularly for work.

5 new iPhone 15 Pro Max features that are game-changing for work1. NameDropNo, you don’t need to have an iPhone 15 Pro Max to enjoy NameDrop. It’s a feature that supports iPhones running iOS 17, but using it with my Pro Max has eased my anxiety about first-time introductions.

For the uninitiated, NameDrop lets you hover your iPhone over another iPhone to exchange contact information. You longer have to do that awkward dance of how to best swap phone numbers. You can simply use NameDrop, and in seconds, you have the other person’s contact details.

I’m constantly meeting new people in my field, so NameDrop has been the most useful iOS 17 feature thus far. Plus, I’ve noticed many iPhone users still aren’t aware of NameDrop, so putting my phone in close contact with theirs — and watching their eyes widen in wonder as a glowy animation appears — never fails to satisfy me.

2. Decent battery lifeSetting the Apple handset to max brightness, I ran a TikTok rundown test on the iPhone 15 Pro Max (it played TikTok lives until it ran out of juice). It lasted about 11 hours on a charge. On the same test, my Galaxy S22 Ultra lasted a little over 9 hours.

Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

No, the iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn’t deliver mind-blowing, two-day battery life or anything (at least not in my experience), but it definitely outpaces my own Android handset in power efficiency.

3. Charge other devices via USB-C cableI heard a choir of “Hallelujah” when Apple officially announced the end of Lightning in favor of USB-C.

Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

To top it all off, I can use the iPhone 15 Pro Max to juice up other devices, including my AirPods Pro and Ray-Ban Stories (the predecessor of the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses).

4. Action buttonThe Action Button is a lot more useful than you think. At first glance, when you scroll through the Action Button presets, you may think, “OK, I can customize the Action Button to launch apps like Flashlight, Camera, Magnifier, and Translate. So what?”

Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

The truth is, the possibilities with the Action Button are endless. I personally use it as a quick launcher for Google Authenticator, which has been a godsend for the many logins that require two-factor authentication. I switch the Action Button to the Notes app for meeting-heavy work days.

Granted, my Galaxy S22 Ultra also has a “side key” that can be customized to launch any app, but the Action Button’s capabilities are vast and there are far more options to play around with, especially with access to Shortcuts.

5. Crisp videoI’ve used both the iPhone 15 Pro Max and my Galaxy S22 Ultra to shoot tech gadgets for work. Which is better? The iPhone 15 Pro Max hands down.

Its 48MP wide camera lens is better for true-to-life captures — when you want to snap photos that accurately render the scene “as is.” This is particularly important for my field of work because I want readers to get the most accurate, true-to-life perspective of the products I test, review and experience.

On the other hand, I prefer my Galaxy S22 Ultra for selfies. The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 12MP front camera is almost too good, capturing my “I only slept for three hours last night” dark circles and “Life is stressing me out” crow’s feet.

Final thoughtsThe Action Button may be my favorite iPhone feature in years. If Apple wants to make it even better, it’d allow users to customize actions by different gestures (e.g., triple presses, press and hold).

A close second is NameDrop, and by extension, iOS. Seamlessly swapping contact details has been a game changer for me in my field of work. Secondly, who can resist the fact that iOS actually lets you edit and delete texts within a 15-minute window? It’s incredibly useful for those embarrassing typos you make with your co-workers.

Has the iPhone 15 Pro Max won me over? So far. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is on its way, so let’s see whether it can lure me back to Samsung’s grasp.

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