Gift Yourself The Echo Show 8 At A New All-Time Low Price

SAVE $60: As of Dec. 28, the Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) is down to just $89.99 from $149.99 at Amazon. This post-holiday price is $15 less than Black Friday and a new all-time low.

The Echo Show 8 is a smart home hub worth its salt. A new version just launched in October, and it takes the already impressive hub and bumps it up a couple more notches — and it’s on sale for an all-time low price today.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little something after the holiday season, the third-generation Echo Show 8 just dropped to $89.99 at Amazon. That’s 40% off its usual cost of $149.99 and an all-time low price for the new smart hub. It only dropped to $104.99 during Cyber Week, for comparison, so this price is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Like the previous Echo Show 8 that we loved, the tablet-shaped gadget sits atop your counter or table and serves as a central hub for your home. You can use it to do everything from controlling your lights and security cameras to making video calls and streaming movies. The third-gen Echo Show features a centered 13MP front camera for clearer calls, a dynamic interface that adjusts what’s on the screen based on how near or far you are to the device, and spatial audio for more enjoyable listening.

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“As a central hub for your home, it really can’t be beaten,” Mashable’s SaVanna Shoemaker said in her review of the second-generation device. A great price for great quality — what are you waiting for?