Today’s Best Stationary Bike Deals For Owning Your New Year’s Resolutions

There’s no time like the start of the new year to re-commit to your fitness goals. If your New Year’s resolutions have you prioritizing your health and daily exercise, you’ll want to consider a stationary bike for your at-home workouts.

Today’s best stationary bike deals

Best Refurbished Peloton Bike Deal

Best Budget Stationary Bike Deal

Best Peloton Alternative Deal

Naturally, Peloton leads the charge when it comes to the best stationary bikes. The cult favorite is not only a high-end product in and of itself, but the Peloton membership brings you premium cycling classes and workouts right to your home. As of today, Dec. 19, we’re seeing as much as $400 off Peloton bikes, making it a great time to buy if you want the authentic Peloton experience.

However, Peloton bikes are pricey and it’s certainly possible to get a great stationary bike experience at a lower price. Brands like Echelon and Schwinn offer quality alternatives to Peloton bikes. The good news is that they’re on sale today at Amazon, too.

Whether you opt for the Peloton Bike+ or the budget-friendly Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, these deals will bring you one step further to reaching your New Year’s fitness goals.

Best Peloton Bike Deal Why we like itIf you’re splurging on a Peloton, the Peloton Bike+ has everything you could want and then some: It has a larger screen than the Original Peloton Bike, plus an upgraded front-facing camera that comes with a privacy slide. The screen is also anti-glare with incredibly crisp visuals. This model has an upgraded sound system too, with front-facing stereo speakers and rear-facing woofers that work together to give you a truly immersive experience. While all of this comes with a high price tag, today you can take $400 off the list price. Yes, please!

Best Refurbished Peloton Bike Deal Why we like itIf everything about the Peloton Bike+ appeals to you except the price tag, you’re not out of options. Peloton offers certified refurbished bikes on its website at reduced prices, and as of today, Dec. 29, these models are on sale, too. Each certified refurbished bike is thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested to adhere to Peloton’s rigorous quality standards. Plus, you get the same 12-month warranty that’s granted to new bikes. Score a Certified Refurbished Peloton Bike+ today and take $400 off its already-reduced price tag.

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Best Budget Stationary Bike Deal Why we like itYou don’t have to spend over $1,000 to get a good-quality stationary bike, especially if having a screen for workout classes isn’t high on your priority list. The Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike has a small media rack where you can place your phone and follow along with your workout app of choice. With over 100 resistance levels and dual-sided pedals, this bike is ready to ride.

Best Peloton Alternative Deal Why we like itThe Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike is a quality Peloton alternative, complete with its own membership app that grants you access to endurance, climbing, and HITT classes. The studio-style bike is sleek and compact to accompany small spaces and features a 22-inch screen that can rotate 180 degrees. At today’s price of $1,299.99, it’s just about half the price of the Peloton Bike+. The Echelon membership costs $39.99 per month and includes yoga, pilates, boxing, and other programs in addition to cycling.