How To Enable Link History On Facebook

It’s for more than just ads.

How to enable Link History on Facebook Credit: Screenshot / Facebook

Have you allowed Link History on Facebook?

Many users on Facebook are being prompted with a pop-up when they log onto the app on their phones that reads: “Easily get back to recent links you’ve visited with your Facebook browsing activity now saved in one place. When you allow link history, we may use your information to improve your ads across Meta technologies. You can manage your link history in settings in your Browser settings anytime.”

Link History, as the name suggests, enables users to find links they’ve clicked on the app. So, for instance, if you clicked on an ad for a jewelry two weeks ago and want to find it later, you’d be able to with Link History. You can also see this with your “Recent Ad Activity,” but Link History will show you every link you click — not just ads.

“You can view websites you’ve visited on Facebook in the past 30 days in the Link history page, Facebook wrote. “Link history is a list of links to the websites you’ve visited on Facebook’s mobile browser.”

As Social Media Today pointed out, this isn’t new for Meta, but this pop-up is a sign that it’s opening up to more regions. If you didn’t get the pop up and want to enable it, head to your profile, tap settings and privacy, tap link history, and click “allow link history.”

But keep in mind that if you do decide to allow Facebook to save all your link clicks, Facebook “may use this link history information from our browser to improve your ads across Meta technologies.”

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