Post-Holiday Tactics For ECommerce: Sustaining Momentum In 2024

As January unfolds, marketers globally bid farewell to the culmination of their holiday campaigns, marking the end of a whirlwind that included Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Eid, Christmas, and New Year.

But as we collectively exhale and seek a moment of respite, instead of succumbing to a post-Christmas slump, now is the opportune time to seamlessly carry the momentum from last year’s holiday campaigns into the new year.

Data deep dive Understanding and adapting to evolving customer interests is key for sustained success in eCommerce. Utilising holiday sales data is a fundamental step in achieving this goal.

With the surge in traffic and transactions during the holidays, this is a time for online businesses to gather more information than usual, which can be used to inform the rest of the year’s strategy. January is prime time to dissect this data. By employing analytics, businesses can gain insights into consumer behaviour patterns shaped by the holiday season.

Start by identifying top-performing products from the holiday period. Simultaneously, analyse customer preferences and emerging trends revealed by the holiday sales data. This step is crucial for aligning your post-holiday strategy with what your customers are genuinely interested in. With these insights you are able to refine your product offerings to emphasise the proven winners.

Tidy up Google ads account for post-holiday success Following the holiday spending surge, your account is likely brimming with unfamiliar search terms. Take the time to sift through these and remove irrelevant terms to streamline your account.

Relevance to post-holiday offers Shoppers are now on the lookout for New Year deals and fresh offerings. Tidying up your Google ads account allows you to quickly align your campaigns with these shifting preferences.

Update ad copy to highlight post-holiday promotions and integrate keywords that resonate with consumers seeking new-year discounts. This relevance ensures that your business remains top-of-mind as customers transition from holiday shopping to practical shopping mode.

Strategic planning for the year Tidying up your Google ads account in the early weeks of the new year sets the stage for strategic planning. You can analyse the performance data from the previous year, identify successful campaigns, and use these insights to structure your advertising strategy for the upcoming months. This proactive approach ensures that your business stays ahead in a competitive landscape.

Strategic paid advertising adjustments While the battle for ad spend remains intense during festivities, the post-holiday period offers some reduction in both spend and competition.

Remarkably, even though customers continue their purchasing momentum into January sales, many businesses are not yet poised to launch ad campaigns. Factors such as lingering holidays, unconfirmed budgets, and delayed campaign planning contribute to this initial stagnation.

Come January, the comparative analysis reveals a 21% decrease in CPM compared to the preceding December. While the shopping surge persists, albeit with a shifted focus towards sales bargains, advertising in January presents an enticing prospect — reaching the same audience for 21% less cost. It’s a strategic shift in the landscape, offering businesses a cost-effective opportunity to maintain visibility and engagement.

Seize this opportunity by consistently pushing your paid ads. By doing so, your business can gain increased traction at a substantially lower expense. It’s a strategic move that allows your advertising efforts to stand out amidst a less crowded field, maximising your reach and impact.

Flash Sales: Igniting FOMO for Increased Engagement Flash sales are great tools to reignite post-holiday excitement. Create flash sales around specific themes or occasions, like ‘New Year, New You’ promotions, tapping into the resolutions many individuals make during this time. Utilise social media and email marketing to generate buzz and instil a fear of missing out (FOMO) among your audience.

Why Ephemeral Discounts and Flash Sales Work Post-Holidays Combat Post-Holiday Lull: As shoppers transition from festive spending to practical purchases, these time-sensitive promotions breathe fresh excitement into the buying experience. Maintain Customer Engagement: Ephemeral discounts and flash sales keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds, maintaining engagement and encouraging repeat business. Create Shareable Moments: Encourage customers to share news of these exclusive deals, fostering organic marketing through word of mouth and social media. Clearing Post-Holiday Inventory: If you have excess holiday stock, these promotions provide an excellent opportunity to clear inventory while delighting customers with exceptional deals. Social media engagement Social media engagement is a great tool for maintaining and extending post-holiday momentum. Leverage user-generated content, encouraging customers to share their post-holiday experiences with your products.

Showcase positive reviews and testimonials on social platforms, building trust and credibility. Craft engaging social media campaigns that resonate with New Year aspirations, incorporating interactive content and relevant hashtags.

Social media becomes the dynamic bridge connecting your brand with customers in a continuous dialogue throughout the year.

Final thoughts From data-driven insights to tidying up your Google ads account, these are the sure fire tips to ensure your business not only survives but thrives right from the onset of 2024. Don’t fall into the trap of letting the holiday campaign momentum go to waste. The key to a January head start lies in how brands leverage increased sales and customer data from the festive period, transforming opportunities into lasting connections and repeat customers.