LIVE Updates: This Month In Search Marketing [February 2024]

February 1st 2024 Landscape videos are IN on TikTok TikTok appears to be experimenting with promoting horizontally shot content, as revealed by screenshots shared by users. The platform is offering increased views for landscape videos over one minute in length, potentially incentivizing creators to diversify their content.

This shift is surprising given TikTok’s focus on vertical video, which has influenced other social apps to move towards a similar video orientation.

While the rationale behind this experiment remains unclear, it hints at TikTok’s evolving approach to content presentation and user engagement.

LinkedIn announce ‘Lookalike Audiences’ will be discontinued later this month LinkedIn has announced the removal of Lookalike Audiences as an ad targeting option, prompting advertisers to explore alternative targeting methods. This feature, which allowed advertisers to target users with traits similar to their existing customer base, will cease to function after the 29th February 2024.

Google integrates Gemini into Google Ads Google is revolutionising digital advertising with its new conversational experience powered by AI, aiming to simplify complex campaign processes effortlessly. Through its Gemini AI model, Google Ads introduces a chat-based interface that streamlines campaign asset selection, by analysing landing pages, generating keywords, headlines, descriptions, and images, resulting in campaigns ready for review and modification, with additional suggestions available before launch. The system also incorporates watermarks for images and open standard metadata to signify their AI-generated origin.

This innovative approach enhances search campaign creation, providing advertisers with relevant ad content generated from landing page URLs and insights from an AI assistant as needed, ultimately streamlining keyword and asset selection for a quicker workflow and facilitating easy approval of assets before campaigns go live.

February 2nd 2024 Google tests “nearby events” feature Google is currently testing a new mobile-local search feature named Nearby Events and Deals, exclusively visible for local searches on mobile devices. This feature showcases Google Business Profile posts advertising deals and events from nearby businesses.

When clicked on, users are directed to a detailed view of the offer including business name, location on a map, promotional image, and text.

Despite its potential for local businesses to enhance conversions, the feature’s visibility is limited, positioned further down the SERP below various sections like the local pack and organic results.