Journey With Mario And Crew With ‘Super Mario RPG’ For 33% Off At Amazon

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SAVE $20.04: As of June 14, get Super Mario RPG for just $39.95 at Amazon. That’s a discount of 33%.

Looking for a new Nintendo Switch game to add to your collection? There are several great remakes that have come out for the console over the past few years, and one recent adventure you won’t want to miss is Super Mario RPG. As one of the most recent additions to the Switch’s extensive library of games, this whimsical adventure is a fun one for all ages, and it’s even better now that it’s had its share of quality of life improvements. Right now, you can get it for a great price thanks to Amazon.

As of June 14, you can get a physical copy of Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch at Amazon for just $39.95. That’s $20.04 off its normal price of $59.99 and a discount of 33%.

Super Mario RPG follows follows Mario and his friends as they work to track down and defeat the Smithy Gang, a ragtag bunch who crashed into the Mushroom Kingdom and stole pieces of Star Road. You’ll form a party, learn skills, and bring the fight to them in turn-based battles throughout this isometric 3D adventure. It was widely-loved when it frst debuted on the SNES, and now with improved graphics and other changes to bring it more in line with modern games, it’s been made even better.

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If you need something new to play, it’s well worth picking up, especially at this price.