Netflix’s ‘Doona!’ Trailer Teases A Gentle Romance Between A Former K-Pop Idol And A College Student

The series features Suzy and comes from the director of ‘Crash Landing on You.’

Netflix has released the official trailer for Doona!, an upcoming Korean drama from Crash Landing on You director Lee Jung-hyo. Judging from this brief glimpse it looks as though he’s going all in on the romance yet again, and we are ready for it.

Based on webtoon The Girl Downstairs, the series focuses on average college student Won-jun (Yang Se-jong) who unexpectedly finds himself living in the same sharehouse as former K-pop star Doo-na (Bae Suzy). Though the two clearly come from very different worlds, a gentle affection begins to blossom between the pair.

This trailer gives off very sweet and calming vibes, focusing on good times as Won-jun and Doo-na get to know one another. Of course, we all know that no K-drama relationship ever runs completely smoothly.

Doona! arrives Oct. 20 on Netflix.

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