Is Your Pixel Phone Acting Weird? Android 14 May Be To Blame

The rollout of Android 14 on Google Pixel phones appears to be hitting a snag.

According to Reddit users (as spotted by The Verge), Pixel 6 phones, in particular, are having trouble with the new version of Android, which launched a couple of weeks ago. To be exact, users are running into issues where their devices are crashing or repeatedly flashing an error that says “storage is full” – and they still have plenty of space. Either way, their phones have basically become unusable.

It’s not 100 percent clear what is causing this (and Google hasn’t said anything yet), but the common denominator seems to be users who have multiple user accounts on one device. The Verge tested this and was able to reproduce the errors on a new user account via a Pixel 6a, but didn’t run into them on the phone’s default account.

It’s reasonable to expect that a fix for this will come out shortly, but until it does, reconsider updating your Pixel 6 to Android 14 if you have multiple accounts on the device.