Snag A Fitbit Sense 2 Fitness Tracker For $50 Off

SAVE $70: As of Oct. 17, the Fitbit Sense 2 is on sale for $249.95, down from $299.95 on Amazon. That’s a discount of 17%.

As far as fitness trackers go, the Fitbit line is a great place to start planning your workouts. If you don’t need the flash and panache of Apple Watch Ultra or don’t want to pay a premium for a regular Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can rely on a Fitbit to help you keep an eye on all of your workouts. Whether you’re gearing up to go on a fitness journey or you want to get a better read on your step count or heart rate, now’s a good time to grab a Fitbit, as the feature-packed Fitbit Sense 2 is on sale.

As of Oct. 17, you can get the Fitbit Sense 2 on sale at Amazon for $249.95. That’s $50 off its normal price of $299.95 and a savings of 17%. While it isn’t the lowest price the smartwatch has been available for in the past, that’s still a decent discount for anyone ready to dive in and keep a closer eye on their fitness habits.

This smartwatch offers a wide range of fitness-tracking features to help you improve your overall wellness. That includes a heart rate and sleep cycle tracker as well as a built-in GPS to analyze your runs. It even boasts an ECG app to track irregularities in your heartbeat to help determine the kind of stress you’re under. Plus, it’s an attractive-looking watch that also supports all the smartphone-centric features you need on a daily basis. It’s a great choice for both smartwatch newbies and those looking to dive a little deeper into their fitness journeys.