Letterboxd Announces TV Series Reviews Coming In 2024; Apparently Regrets Saying So

Credit: Letterboxd

Letterboxd, the movie cataloguing and review platform, will be adding television series to its roster in 2024. That news comes courtesy of the platform’s official X account, which replied to a tweet asking “Is there a plan to make a website/app like Letterboxd but for TV Shows/Series?” with the affirmative “Series will be coming later this year.”

Tweet may have been deleted That reply was published Jan. 3, which, given the account’s adverse reaction to the post gaining widespread coverage, was apparently too soon. When @DiscussingFilm, an X account with more than 1.3 million followers, posted on Jan. 5 that “Letterboxd plans to bring logging of TV shows to the platform later this year,” @Letterboxd replied “would be nice to live in a world where a small reply to a tweet is not ‘news.'”

Tweet may have been deleted In the year 2024, it’s hard to say what else a reply like that could be considered when tweeted out from an official account. Who determines what is “news” and what isn’t? For @Letterboxd, the lesson is being learned the hard way. The account posted that it was unable to share content about the platform’s year in review project because their “inbox is too flooded this morning,” and that they’re “too busy clearing it because of the tv tweet.” Oops!

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